AcuMEMS Announces New Glaucoma Product For Cataract Surgery

AcuMEMS, Inc. announced the development of a new sensor for wireless intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring of patients with co-incident cataract and glaucoma. Successful animal studies confirm the precise delivery of the implantable pressure sensor into the eye where synthetic intraocular lenses (IOL) are inserted for cataract treatment.

The new sensor expands AcuMEMS’s product line directly into the area of cataract surgery. It is designed for simple implantation during IOL surgery through an un-enlarged phaco/IOL incision, similar to the capsular tension ring procedure.

“IOP is still the best predictor of glaucoma progression we have, as well as the only proven treatable parameter. Today, we clearly could use more accurate IOP data, which should help us protect our patient’s vision,” commented Dr. Andrew Iwach, an ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma and Executive Director of the Glaucoma Center of San Francisco. Dr. Iwach added, “Implantation of this new technology during cataract surgery offers an ideal opportunity since there should be minimal additional surgical risk yet tremendous potential benefit.”

Douglas Lee, AcuMEMS’ Chairman and CEO, said, “This extension of our proprietary MEMS and wireless technology creates a second and very large market opportunity for AcuMEMS. We estimate that 3,600,000 times each year eye surgeons worldwide must decide how to treat a patient with combined cataract and glaucoma.”

Cataract surgery is considered one of the most popular and highly successful procedures. Each year there are approximately 3 million cataract operations in the United States and 15 million outside the United States. Approximately 20% of patients with cataract are also visually impaired with glaucoma.


AcuMEMS, Inc.