Optelec Offers New Solutions For The Visually Impaired And Low Vision User

Optelec US Inc., a
world leader in innovative and life-changing assistive technologies
for the visually impaired and blind, is revealing the FarView(TM),
ClearView+ G2(TM) and ClearNote Portable(TM), which are three
revolutionary electronic solutions that bring life back into focus
for those living with low vision. All three products are currently on
display, booth #323, at the 24th Annual International Technology and
Persons with Disabilities conference, sponsored by California State
University Northridge’s (CSUN) Center on Disabilities, March 18 – 21,
2009, Los Angeles Airport Marriott.

The Optelec low vision solutions continue to improve the quality of
life for every user, from the student unable to see the whiteboard to
the business executive who struggles to view the color contrast on an
important document. Below are two life stories of how Optelec’s
technology is changing lives:

— Ali Reshamwalla, a 72 year old with only 5 percent of his eye sight
remaining after a tragic car accident, is an active member of the Southern
California community through his Saddleback Memorial Hospital volunteer
work and training at the Braille Institute and Irvine Valley College.
Optelec keeps him involved as he enjoys reading and taking classes daily.

— Amy Bower developed macular degeneration at an early age of 24. Now 41
years old, she uses Optelec at work as a research scientist in physical

“Our goal at the CSUN Center on Disabilities conference is to
demonstrate that through Optelec’s new innovative technologies and
education awareness, visual disabilities do not need to prevent
someone from living an independent and active lifestyle,” stated
Takashi Yamashita, chief executive officer of Optelec US Inc.

Below is a glimpse at the electronic low vision products available
for demonstration at the conference.

Optelec FarView – A powerful and portable magnification solution
designed for the active lifestyle that redefines how low vision users
are able to access, store, review, and share information in an ultra
compact and stylish design. For real-time distance or close-up
viewing, use the FarView on the go. The innovative capabilities of
the built-in auto focus camera, zoom-in functionality, scrolling and
auto-return allow the user to bring the environment within the scope
of vision or preferred retinal locus (PRL) for best visual acuity.
MSRP: $1,495.

Optelec ClearView+ G2 – A desktop electronic video
magnifier (CCTV) that sets a new standard for low vision desktop
reading machines and allows the user to read and write with magnified
and illuminated viewing assistance. The ClearView+ G2’s
five-directional Ultra Flexible TFT Arm with 90 degree rotating
screen and pull flexibility make it easy to maneuver for the low
vision user. In addition, an HD image quality provides four times the
resolution and the Reon HQV image processing technology achieves
smooth de-interlaced images to increase the user’s reading time and
pleasure by eliminating image fading and eye fatigue. Zero-button
functionality, ergonomic and module design allow for easy integration
into any home, school or office environment for multi-functional
uses. MSRP: Range $2,095 – $3,695.

Optelec ClearNote Portable – A small and lightweight portable USB
video magnifier that combines distance, document or self-viewing
modes. This unit is convenient for on-the-go students and working
professionals with low vision. Simply connect the ClearNote Portable
to any desktop or laptop computer via the USB port and activate the
Always-In-Focus(TM) technology and ultra-flexible camera head to
ensure crisp clear contrasts on every image. MSRP: $2,495.

Pricing & Availability

All Optelec products and accessories are available through Optelec’s
dealer and distribution networks. Call +1 (800) 335-7970 or visit
optelec for more information.

About Optelec US Inc.

Optelec was founded in 1985 and is recognized as the worldwide market
leader in providing innovative solutions for the blind, visually
impaired and learning disabled. In January 2007, Tieman U.S., Holding
Company to Optelec US Inc., spun off ShopLowVision
(ShopLowVision) and LowVision (LowVision) as
sister companies, providing the one-stop-shop for optical,
non-optical and daily living aids, products, solutions and education
for eye care professionals and consumers. Visit optelec for
more information.

Optelec US Inc.