SynergEyes Hybrid Contact Lenses Provide A Vision Solution For Post LASIK Patients

SynergEyes, Inc., of Carlsbad, CA,
recently launched a revolutionary hybrid contact lens designed for people
who need further vision correction after undergoing refractive vision
surgery. SynergEyes(R) PS (post-surgical) is also designed for patients who
have experienced some type of corneal trauma or suffer from certain
degenerative vision conditions.

Every year, millions of people undergo LASIK or other types of vision
correction surgery to restore vision and eliminate the need for glasses or
contact lenses. But according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), approximately 5 percent of LASIK patients are dissatisfied with
their outcome and experience post-operative conditions like eye pain,
blurred or double vision and difficulty driving at night.

Because LASIK permanently alters the shape of the eye, traditional
contact lenses and glasses often cannot provide the additional vision
correction needed. This is why SynergEyes has developed a revolutionary
contact lens designed specifically to address the technical challenges of
restoring vision to these patients offering them consistent, predictable
vision, even at night.

Approved for marketing by the FDA, SynergEyes(R) PS hybrid contact
lenses combine two materials — a rigid gas permeable center with a soft
lens outer skirt. The “hybrid” design bonds a “hard” and “soft” contact
lens together resulting in a one-of-a-kind vision correction option that
provides crisp, clear vision for surgically altered corneas in a
comfortable, healthy contact lens.

“The SynergEyes(R) PS lens has proven to be a safe, effective and
comfortable lens for the restoration of post-surgical vision loss,” says
Dr. Edward Boshnick of Miami, FL. “It has become my first choice lens for
the treatment of patients who have lost quality vision and comfort due to
refractive and corneal transplant surgery.”

Until being fit with SynergEyes(R) PS, Gabriel Meneses, a patient of
Dr. Boshnick, had been struggling daily with post-LASIK side effects like
blurry vision, ghosting and migraines after having the surgery six years
ago. His vision could not be adequately corrected with eyeglasses or other
contact lenses. “Dr Boshnick gave me the opportunity to be one of the first
to try the new SynergEyes(R) PS lens … all I can say is what a
difference! As for vision quality, this lens has definitely offered me the
best I’ve experienced so far.”

Incorporating patented HyperBond(TM) technology and HydrolEyes(TM)
surface science, the SynergEyes contact lenses with FDA market clearance
include SynergEyes(R) A for naturally occurring ametropia, targeting
patients with astigmatism, current gas permeable lens wearers, and patients
demanding optimized vision; the SynergEyes(R) KC for keratoconus, the
SynergEyes(R) Multifocal lens for presbyopia and the SynergEyes(R) PS for
post-surgery and post trauma refractive errors.

SynergEyes, Inc.